Paradise In Our Homes

Stress-free Parenting

  It is the wish of every practicing Muslim parent to raise righteous children who live a happy, prosperous, healthy, peaceful and comfortable life in this world and the next. The sad reality is that most parents today don’t put much effort in learning about parenting and asking the experts to help them learn the skills and knowledge necessary to […]

The First Command

The Grand Deception

In the previous post, it was agreed that we should blame no one but ourselves for all our miseries in life. So what do we blame ourselves for? Where did we go wrong? Allah (swt) loves us and wants whats best for us. That is why he sent us prophets and messengers to guide us to […]

Blame Game

Who to blame if you are not happy?

Like is said in my previous post, God wants us to be in a win win situation where we live in Paradise on earth and in the Hereafter. However, the question that naturally arises is that why is there so much suffering on earth today? People are depressed, angry, sad, and unhappy. Even those that […]